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Weight Loss

Poppies. Photo (c) Andrew Grant

Losing weight and maintaining that weight loss has become a life long struggle for many people. The frustration and desire to be slimmer often results in years of soul destroying yo-yo dieting and fad eating plans. The consequence of which is often a lowered metabolic rate, making it harder to lose weight in the future and subsequent demotivation.

There is no doubt that there is no substitute for a healthy and varied diet, complemented by regular exercise, but why do so many of us struggle to either maintain that healthy living plan or indeed even lose those extra pounds when we do.

Although we all recognise we have strong food cravings, which unfortunately tend to be for sugar or fat laden foods, and equally strong repulsions towards other foods, we rarely associate losing weight itself as a mind-body balancing act. There can be numerous reasons why an individual may struggle to lose weight. It may be that years of unsuccessful dieting have eroded the belief that they can do it, replacing it with an inherent belief that they will fail no matter what. There may be more complex reasons which result in an unconscious decision to hold on to weight, e.g. being slim may mean getting in to a relationship again, which may lead to heartbreak.

Whatever the cause NLP can help you develop positive and energising beliefs to help you achieve your weight loss goal, or unlock that hidden reason why you have failed to succeed before. NLP can also help you develop a healthy attitude towards food and exercise, ensuring that you have the right approach to shed those unwanted pounds and sustain that desired weight.