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NLP and Sport

NLP in triathlon

Top athletes know that there is a 1% difference between being the best in the field and being at the back of the field. They also recognise that in addition to maintaining their physical prowess, developing and sustaining the right state of mind can make the difference between winning and losing.

There are three key factors that influence your sporting ability; your fitness, your technical skills and your mental focus.

As a keen sports performer, whether at a professional level or for personal enjoyment, you will no doubt devote hours to developing your physical and technical skills, but how much time do you spend perfecting your mental performance?

The difference between an average performance and an excellent one is often dependent on your mind-set. Unfortunately our minds can often work against us as we look for negatives to support our failure before we have even started; bad weather, tiredness, stress at work…the list is endless. Consequently it is all too easy to build up a pattern of limiting beliefs that leave you expecting failure rather than success.

NLP can help you change how you use your mind before, during and after any sports performance. Through the application of NLP you can learn how to; create positive states of mind, control your emotional state, instil confidence and motivation in yourself and others, reframe experiences to a positive perspective and set compelling goals. Let NLP help you to maximise your performance and be as good as you can be!