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Coping with Change

Leaves in water. Photo (c) Andrew Grant

As individuals we often seek comfort from the familiar and like to maintain the existing structure and fabric of our life. Unfortunately in today's fast-moving world the one constant you can expect is change! Often change is thrust upon us and this can leave us feeling scared, anxious and stressed.

Fear of the unknown and lack of confidence are the biggest inhibitors to someone accepting and building on change to produce positive results. Ironically, this can often result in people perpetuating lifestyles and situations that are in reality making them miserable and unhappy. Opportunities to build on or improve our current lives are by-passed in favour of the familiar.

NLP can help you overcome those fears and help you change your negative thoughts in to positive ones that will allow you to embrace and grow with change as it happens in your life. Let NLP help you unlock the belief and confidence you need to accept new challenges and build new goals towards a happier, healthier life.