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Body Image

Orange Butterfly. Photo (c) Andrew Grant

There is a recognised increase in the number of people who harbour negative and sometimes destructive thoughts and feelings about their body image.

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we are all subjected to a daily barrage of media coverage on what that perfect body should be. Reality is that it is unachievable for nearly all of us ... even those who appear to have it!

A lack of confidence in our body image can manifest itself in many ways. It may do so in a possibly expensive but otherwise harmless fixation with wearing the latest fashion or hair style, but for others is can become an all-consuming obsession with perfection and in severe cases lead to eating disorders and deeper psychological problems.

A lack of confidence in our body image can permeate in to other areas of everyday life, leaving you feeling anxious, stressed, lacking in overall confidence and unable to interact comfortably with others.

Through effective coaching NLP can help you acknowledge and understand the underlying cause of your poor body image. Then, through a range of NLP techniques, can begin to rebuild more positive thought patterns and banish those negative ones that are holding you back in life.